Jade kitty blacks on blondes

jade kitty blacks on blondes

Be the first to leave a review. Leave a review. About me. I am a primarily alternative model varying in many other styles as well as un-alternative(no piercings), based in London. 19 years old, dyed blonde hair (At the end of Autumn, it will be either Pink or Purple for a short while). I have had over a year experience on a  Falta: blacks. “Hold on a sec.” Kitty said and turned Lara around. “Let me put this gold and jade pin in your hair, it will match your green gown and look gorgeous with your auburn hair.” “Oh my!” Lara said when she looked in the mirror. “You look stunning in black. I wish I had your long blonde hair.” “Well, I have always envied your dark. CHAPTER ELEVEN: JADE AND KITTY Jade arrived at work wearing a dress that exposed large areas of skin. Her hair was shoulder length, blonde and tousled, held back by a black velvet head band; she wore tinted contact lenses to turn her eyes brown (her natural colour was blue) and her black liquid liner and false. jade kitty blacks on blondes


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